Tore Holmem

BA i Media Design // NABA // Milan
Former art director and director at Fuglefjellet AS
Self employed developer since 2018

During my 10 years as an active professional, I've had the pleasure of working with a wide range of agencies and clients. I've produced content for TV, web, games, projection mapping and video in general. 3D animation is often the largest part of my pipeline.

My clients can expect a focus on project management, as I strive to deliver on time and on budget.

Creative freedom to solve problems tends to yield my best work.

I'm always looking for the possibility to engage my network of graphic designers, film creators, animators and sound designers, to further improve my work.

Location: Ålesund, Norway


Tore Holmem - Parkgata 3 - 6002 Ålesund - 907 58 123 -